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We’re all friends here…

November 8th, 2007 No comments

As Al’s already reported. The friends system is now up and running. It was introduced as a result of the poll we held earlier this year. Now our lists can be ‘public’, ‘private’ or ‘for friends only’. Personally, I only plan to use the ‘for friends only’ option as the exception rather than the rule. Our original Lifelists concept was based on the idea of sharing our enthusiasm for the things we love and really that means doing it publicly. Now that we’ve expanded to cover piclists, todolists and any other kind of list, it’s understandable that there may be some lists that we may want to be totally private or that can only viewed by ‘friends’. I do hope though, that as we are using nicknames and because so many aspects of our profiles are totally private, we all feel protected enough to continue making public lists. As we’ve never had any security issues on the site or any non-friendly behaviour here, I do hope we can all remain ‘friends’ so that we can continue to support each other by messaging or sending me2!s and build new relationships. I think that the most useful function of the ‘friends’ system for me will be the ability to message a group of people all in one go.



October 8th, 2007 No comments

The friends system is coming along nicely and should be up and running very soon. In the meantime we’ve added a ‘quicklists’ menu. If you’re feeling short of inspiration you can choose a list from the quicklist menu which will be created automatically for you. I’ve chosen some interesting lists for this menu; there’s Samantha Steger-Lewis’s list- ‘Things to do before Xmas’, eclectic’s ‘Ideal Round the World Trip’, my ‘nowlist’ idea and Jean Rhynsburger’s ‘Blessings List”. Any suggestions for additions to this menu will be very welcome.