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LegacyList cards

June 27th, 2007 No comments

We’re going to upload some changes to the site along with my first go at a Legacylist card in the next 24hrs. If you feel the card isn’t what you want from a Legacylist card then please let me know. I’ll be happy to change it as required. At least we now have a starting point. Remember that if you want your loved ones to be able to read your Legacylist after you’ve gone then you have to make sure they get your Legacylist password. We’ve set up the Legacylist system so that no-one (that includes us) can get access to it without your email address and Legacylist password. If you choose to use the Legacylist card to do this then please keep it somewhere secure.


Legacylist cards

June 26th, 2007 No comments

I’ve been meaning to create a Legacylist card for some time now and I’m having a little trouble because I’m not sure what it should say. It occurs to me that different people may want different things from their Legacylists and I’d love to hear from you if there is anything you feel I should include. Maybe we need to have different types of Legacylists according to different requirements. The idea is that those of us who have Legacylists will keep a card (rather like a donor card) so that if something happens to us, a loved one will find the card and our password and be able to read our Legacylist. There are lots of issues to address, a Legacylist is a serious business. Currently our Legacylists are totally private. I created them with the intention that this is where we put the things that we want to keep to ourselves whilst we are alive. If we want something similar that is permanently public then we can always create a new Lifelist under the category ‘other’ and call that a Legacylist. There will come a point though (although I hope it’s a long way in the future for all of us), that we won’t want our Legacylist to be private any more. We’ve not done it yet, but I would imagine that we’ll be adding an option where our chosen loved one will be able to view our list and change it from private to public, but maybe only if we’ve already chosen that possibility ourselves. Al is working on how our Legacylist can be accessed by the people of our choosing at the moment. Don’t worry, under no circumstances will anyone ever be able to edit our Legacylists. Personally, once I’m dead, I don’t mind the idea of my list being in the public domain but I’m aware that we may not all feel that way so I think we have to do something where users can opt in or out of lots of different options. I’m slightly concerned about the idea that someone could steal a Legacylist card and therefore get hold of a users’ password. If that does happen and the user knows their card has been stolen then it’s easy enough to change the password quickly. I suppose we’ll all just have to be aware that our cards should be kept as securely as possible. Maybe the best thing to do is to keep them with our will? In some ways I wonder if it’s worth having a card at all? (maybe some users won’t want to bother with a card) but there has to be a way to get the people that you want to see your Legacylist to see it or to at least know you have one. It’s all a bit of a minefield. I think all we can do to start with is produce a basic card that you can download or print and alter it from time to time as issues arise or suggestions are made. Maybe there will be a choice of cards depending on what information users want. Maybe we can set it up so that users can tailor-make their Legacylist cards. If you have any feelings on the matter, please let me know. Look out for version 1.0 of the Legacylist card sometime soon!



October 24th, 2006 No comments

We’re planning to add Legacylists to the site. It had always been my plan for Legacylists to be part of the whole Lifelists thing. The idea is that a Legacy list is a collection of thoughts and wishes to leave behind when you (dare I say it?) die. An opportunity to leave messages for loved one, advice for friends and colleagues and perhaps even wishes for how your life should be celebrated. It isn’t a will. We’re going to put up a rudimentary idea of Legacylists on the site but I can see that it will need to evolve as time goes by. I think it will need to be more flexible than a Lifelist as I imagine that users will want to change the names of the topics themselves as well as the items listed. A Legacylist will be protected by an additional password and can only be viewed by those who know what this password is. I think we will produce a ‘Legacylist Card’ (similar to a Donor Card) to be downloaded from the site that users can write their password on.