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It’s that time of year!

October 24th, 2013 No comments

Here’s my new Christmas 2013 card. It’s based around my favourite Christmas song. To me, the story of the lyrics makes it even better.

As you can see, I’ve been paper-cutting again. The front of the card is my own papercut design:

Hope you like it. It’ll go on sale tomorrow. Talking of sales, I’m having another one at the house on Sunday. 2 hours only. Posters will be less than half price. Christmas cards 50% off. Come and say hello and have a browse if you can 🙂


Rumour has it…

July 8th, 2013 1 comment

Ever since we moved to this house we have been subject to rumours. It goes with the territory to an extent. It also goes with living in such a small ‘community’. Usually the rumours are about the house. They are without exception never true. Over the last few months we’ve got sick of hearing them coming back to us;

“The house is for sale.” “The house is sold”. “Someone has bought a license for it”. The name of a particular person ” xxxxxx  has purchased it” (someone we know but haven’t even seen for about 8 years). “The bar is re-opening at the August Bank Holiday weekend”. There will even “be a marquee on the lawn”.

It’s all rubbish as usual. It’s upsetting to hear all of this stuff. Especially upsetting for my family. Also probably upsetting for those who are hoping these things will happen. It always amazes me that people are happy to spread the rumours but not ask us whether they are true. All they need to do is ask.

Anyway, I’m going to say this only once. In the more that 10 years that we have lived here, no one has ever even so much as made us a serious offer for the place. Not once. It isn’t and has never been on the market. Briefly, when we were closing the bar, I asked a group of locals who were disappointed to make us an offer. They never did. That doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t sell if anyone made us an offer because no one in their right minds would ever say never but no one ever has.

I just wanted to say that. I know the rumours won’t stop. This may even make them worse but, what the hell 🙂


While we’re at it!

March 11th, 2013 1 comment

Last year I plastered the downstairs corridor and painted it. It’s in 3 different sections, 3 shades of blue. I had lots of dark blue paint left from the bar so thought I ought to use it.

It’s good to get lots of pictures up. I love seeing our friends and family so regularly. I pretty much emptied my photo albums.

In some places you can see my plaster patching but it still looks better than it did so it will do for now 🙂


2013? Bit of an update.

March 11th, 2013 1 comment

I’m ashamed of myself for posting so intermittently here. Twitter and Pinterest are to blame 🙂 Anyway, no need for excuses. I’ve been doing stuff around the house over the last year. Here’s the front hall now.

I fell in love with some fabric and went mad making a curtain and cushions. The fabric pattern and colour just makes me feel happy every time i see it. 🙂

Anyone who has ever visited and seen our front hall dumping ground will notice what a huge difference this is 🙂

That’s Al’s rowing machine.


The New Girls

February 20th, 2012 3 comments

We were down to 3 girls and 4 boys in the hen house. Not good. That’s counting Jill Halfpenny who is hopping around on one leg. It was time to do something about it.  We wanted to get more bantams but that’s not so easy around here. We took a trip to Dookinella on Achill Island and now have 6 new girls. One is a bantam and the other 5 are normal sized. They are huge by comparison. Twice the size of our roosters :-). One of our new hens is an Araucana or at least in part. She lays green eggs!

The new girls with one of our roosters who's trying hard to get in their good books. Trudi looks on.

The Araucana on the left has a beard. I'm thinking of calling the one on the right Pavlova.

Poor Jill Halfpenny is probably not long for this world. With all of the excitement yesterday she decided to take a trip outside. I thought I would capture her and her lovely whiskers before it's too late.

Here's Jill again next to the new Araucana. She's very small by comparison but very dignified.

Green egg!


Happy New Year

January 8th, 2012 No comments

Hello and Happy 2012! Hope you had a wonderful festive season, whatever you were celebrating.

We went the whole hog when decorating this year as we had our lovely niece and nephew here with us and their mother, Al’s sister Samantha of course. The place looks so bare without the twinkly lights and decorations now we’ve taken them down.

So that I can remember where everything goes to get the same effect next year, I’ve taken some photos of our sitting room. You can click to enlarge:


Helicopter time.

October 16th, 2011 No comments

It’s always so exciting when the helicopter comes. I’ve mentioned it before so I won’t go on! Just wanted to post some pics of it taking equipment over to Achill Beg. It was a lovely sunny day.