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Goals for 2007

December 28th, 2006 No comments

We’re adding a list which will be a list of ‘Goals for 2007’. Al is programming away as I type. We hope to have this list in place for the new year. It will be a little different than a normal Lifelist. It has always been the plan to add ‘todolists’ to the site and this new list will be more like a to do list. We’ll be able to set target dates and tick an item off when it’s achieved so that we will be able to follow our progress. Of course if we don’t want to pressure ourselves by adding target dates then we don’t have to. I’ve found myself in the past, starting off a new year with a huge list of resolutions that I forget about shortly afterwards. This list won’t just be like a resolution in the traditional sense, apart from things I want to achieve it will be a list of things to remember; for me that means ‘don’t worry so much, enjoy yourself, relax, enjoy the simple things etc..’ I hope that doing it this way I will have a reminder of all of my intentions for the year that I can look at from time to time and edit if I like. Any suggestions will be gratefully received.


Lifelists Live

December 22nd, 2006 No comments

Well it’s an important day today. We’ve removed the password protection from Although we’ve been working on this site for almost a year, the whole time we’ve been developing the site, we’ve protected it with a password. Today, for the first time, the site is live and available to everyone. I feel like a mother dropping her child off to school for the first time. The site is now out on it’s own in the world for the first time without my protection. Please be nice to it, it’s only a baby!



December 20th, 2006 No comments

I love reading other people’s Lifelists even when they belong to someone I don’t know. It’s amazing how much we can have in common with people who we may think we have nothing in common with at first glance. ‘flyssann’ registered with the site today and reading his/her list I notice that ‘The Space Between’ by the Dave Matthews Band is listed as a favourite song. I love that track and although it’s on my i-pod I’d forgotten to list it in my ‘more songs’ list so thanks flyssann for the reminder. When I saw ‘The Space Between’ listed, I felt an overwhelming urge to contact flyssann and say , “yes, me too, I love that song” I’ve been thinking about this for the last few months – we need to find a way to say to each other “yes, I like that too”. I was thinking that we should set up a system where we can send a ‘Metoo” or “Me2” to each other. I’m not exactly sure what form it will take, but we’re working on it and hope to add it to the site soon. I notice that flyssann also lists ‘Black Lab’ as a favourite band, I’ve never heard of Black Lab, but if flysann likes Dave Matthews as I do, maybe I should check out Black Lab, infact I’m off to do that now.


Christmas shopping

December 9th, 2006 No comments

Living where we do, almost 180 miles from the nearest shop with a decent range of products, Christmas shopping has to be done online and mainly via Amazon. The problem is that so many people don’t have Amazon wishlists and, often, if they do, they don’t keep them up to date. Although I’d much rather buy a gift that I know is wanted, wishlists do away with any element of surprise which I think is also very important when giving a gift. After almost 8 hours of online shopping I wish that all of my friends and family had Lifelists (hopefully, by this time next year, they will!). It would be so much easier to buy gifts for them.