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The Roof, part 6

May 24th, 2007 No comments

Work has been proceeding very quickly on the roof so far. I’ve created a piclist of the progress. Today however it’s very wet and windy and nothing is happening. For the most part, although we have no tiles, the felt is in position so we’re mostly waterproof. We’ve got quite a lot of rubble in the corridor upstairs and a few holes in the bedroom ceilings. Following the day the tiles were removed from the front of the house, it felt like we were sleeping under the stars except that instead of stars it was 100kph wind, heavy showers and the odd roll of thunder! Still we’re not complaining. It’s great that this winter, the weather will mainly stay outside. Well that’s if we can get the plaster on the front of the house fixed, along with the leaky windows. There will always be something I suppose.


The Roof, part 5

May 16th, 2007 No comments

The Roof Doctor managed to come up with a much more reasonable price and is able to start work straight away. Last night scaffolding was delivered and today a gang of men are erecting it at the front of our house. It’s very exciting; after years of a leaky roof, something is being done about it.


The Roof, part 4

May 9th, 2007 No comments

Well it seems that the sale of our license may not provide enough money to make our house waterproof after all. Everything costs so much more than we had expected and the shock of the pricing has caused a delay whilst we try and figure out what to do. We may be able to fix parts of the roof but won’t be able to re-render the outside of the house where water is coming through the stone and it’s doubtful now that we’ll be able to afford the new windows we badly need. Still, the roof is the most important aspect, definitely our no.1 priority. If we can stop the raindrops from falling on our heads, that will be a big help. We found an ad in our local paper for ‘The Roof Doctor’. He’s coming to quote on the roof tomorrow. As he is a roof specialist and has his own scaffolding his price may be cheaper. Our local builder doesn’t own scaffolding and hiring it adds at least 10K to the cost of the job. We’d much prefer to pay a local workforce but if we are forced to, we’ll go elsewhere.

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