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I’m such a Twitt (part.2)

March 20th, 2009 1 comment

My poor Al was taken into hospital last week. He gave me quite a shock at the time. Now we know he has gallstones and although his gallbladder will probably be taken out in a month or two, he’s back home and feeling much better.

Al’s very attached to his iphone, he managed to find the strength to tweet from A&E and even from a trolley in the triage area when he was in great pain. This meant that more people than usual were aware of the problem.

Once Al was being treated with heavy duty drugs, he was far too groggy to tweet. There were so many emails and Facebook messages to reply to on my return from the hospital and I felt I had to do what I could to keep people up to date.

The easiest way to do this was to use Twitter as my tweets also automatically appear on Facebook as status updates. Tweeters tend to tweet regularly, but usually Facebook updates are daily, if that. I see tweets therefore as much more disposable and sometimes I may just tweet what’s in my head.

Last Tuesday evening, following my tweet about Al’s ultrasound confirming that he did indeed have gallstones, I tweeted my friend’s ultrasound joke. The one I failed to ‘get’ last week. I said:
who’s the nicest bloke in the hospital? The ultra-sound guy“.

Within minutes a great friend of mine in Manchester commented on my Facebook status:
“does that mean….little feet?????”

I had to tell him that no, there would be no little Als or Janes.


Bye bye Midge

March 16th, 2009 1 comment

Poor Midge is no longer with us. She looked like she’d had a stroke and seemed to go blind in one eye. She went downhill last week when Al was in hospital with a gallstones. He came out on Saturday- just in time to watch the Six Nations. Midge never recovered.

RIP Midge

RIP Midge


I’m such a Twitt

March 4th, 2009 No comments

Don’t you just hate it when you fail to get the joke?

I’ve been spending some time on Twitter recently. As far as ‘no point to it’ social networks go, it’s the one for me. Of course if I need a social network with a point then there’s no finer place than Lifelists.  I’ve never spent an huge amount of time on Facebook and now it’s become too much of a monster and far too slow for our pathetic ‘broadband’.

I use TweetDeck for Twitter and it just sits on my desktop and updates automatically. I’m used to reading Tweets now. They suit me fine. Little 140 character max. statements usually about what a person is doing, thinking or something they have seen. There’s often a link so if I’m interested enough I can follow it.

Yesterday however, I had to pop in and out of  Facebook to reply to a message. While I was there I noticed a friend’s status update. It said “(Mr X) …says, who’s the nicest bloke in the hospital? The ultra-sound guy”.

I emailed my poor friend straight away. I said…”I saw you mentioned you were in hospital on Facebook…are you OK?”

Luckily, I didn’t have to wait long to get a reply, it said: “Blimey that’s a short attention span.
Context Jane, context – you need to read all of it.”

I was confused. I emailed my friend back telling him not to be so grumpy with me and explaining that I don’t like Facebook because of how slow it is. Three hours later I was still waiting for my friend to tell me what had brought him to the hospital when the word ‘JOKE’ finally entered my consciousness. (I’m sure I don’t need to explain: ultra sound/nice guy).

Ohhhh it made me cringe. I could make lots of excuses about Twitter/Facebook differences but lets’ face it, I’m an idiot.