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Sad news from the hen house

June 29th, 2010 2 comments

What do they say about counting chickens? Well it had to happen I suppose. The little runt chick died yesterday. Still 6 chicks out of 7 eggs is not bad going. Fingers (and claws) crossed for the rest.


Good behaviour in the hen house for once!

June 21st, 2010 2 comments


For once, ‘bad mother’ Calypso is looking after her chicks properly! Regular readers will be aware that in previous years she has abandoned her chicks and on some occasions, pecked them and thrown them out of the nest. This has meant that in the past, we’ve had to try and raise the chicks ourselves in a cardboard box in the kitchen. This always causes problems and definitely reduces the chances of survival for the little cuties, especially when it comes to the time we have to re-introduce the chicks to the flock.

This year however, she has behaved beautifully. She has 7 chicks. On the day that she left her nest, she left one chick for dead but it recovered after Al discovered it in time and I kept it nestled in my bra for a couple of hours (yes, really). She accepted the chick back and has been looking after them like a proud mother. In the last few days she has brought them out into the run for the first time and has been demonstrating scratching techniques and other hen-like behaviour. It’s been a joy to watch.

We haven’t even thought about naming the new chicks yet as we have no idea what sex they are… In the past, my eagerness to name them has resulted in hens called Mick and Dave and a cockerel named La Toya! Naming suggestions are welcome.

Here she is leading them into the hen house. The one in the love heart is my special favourite.



Summer Exhibition

June 9th, 2010 3 comments

Full-sized, stretched canvas prints of some of my paintings for I Love Mayo have gone up on the walls at my favourite café, The Creel at The Quay in Westport. They will be up on the walls until September. I’m particularly pleased with my set of 6 paintings of some of our cockerels. They look great all hung together. As well as large prints, smaller mounted prints are available.

smlbeaky smldozy

smlDee smlverne smlLaToya smlMungo

You can see enlarged versions of my pictures on I Love Mayo.

I’m really excited (and a bit nervous) to have my work on show and very grateful to Trisha and James at The Creel for being so supportive.