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Love Ireland

August 12th, 2010 No comments

I’ve added a new range to my I Love Mayo site. I’ve called it my “Love Ireland” range. Hope you like them. So far there are 6 typographic prints. Love Ireland is all about referencing Irish culture in a contemporary, bright and fresh way. Ireland is a modern country; it’s not all about leprechauns and shamrocks! That’s just my opinion of course!

I plan to add more prints very soon. The prints are available, mounted and unmounted on the site, starting at €8.00 each and are sized to fit into standard frames. If you have suggestions of sayings or quotes that you would like to see added to the range, do let me know.

I’ve set up an I Love Mayo page on Facebook. Please ‘like’ it if you are passing through. I also have an I Love Mayo account on Twitter.


The Chicken News

August 6th, 2010 2 comments

chicksinaugust2So remember those cute little chicks, born in May? Well look at them now. They’re a bit like surly teenagers, which I suppose they are really. We still have no idea what sex they are so we’ve not named them yet.

Meanwhile in the hen house, our little Janet has two tiny chicks of her own. I must say, since we introduced new cockerels, Jedward, there has been a lot of activity.