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Quick catch up…

February 15th, 2011 4 comments

In list form…

Were snowed in for a week, ie. we couldn’t get out of our drive.

Our place in the snow

Fridge stopped working because it was too cold in the kitchen. Who knew such a thing could happen??

Our place in the snow

Frozen water pipes and gas regulator. Poor Al spent hours outside with the hairdryer.

Our place in the snow
We had a lovely quiet Christmas and New Year.

Our place in the snow

Here’s Trudi, decorated for Christmas:

Trudi with her Christmas present. A squeaky rubber chicken dressed as a banker.

Al went to Vienna for his work Christmas party and brought back some macaroons, sachertorte and a VERY bad cold. What a wonderful gift!

I’ve produced a poster. It’s for sale on my site and on It’s large and fits perfectly into an Ikea frame.

I can tell spring is coming. There are buds everywhere, it’s nearly 6pm now before it’s dark, the daffodils are on their way and the cockerals have started fighting. If you know anyone who would like a cock let me know. (We have 5). Wagner (named after Wagner on the X Factor) is just visible in the picture above.

Anyway, that’s me caught up. It really feels like we have hibernated this winter and in a way, we have! Hope the winter has been kind to you!