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Papercut Map

April 13th, 2011 No comments
papercut map

My original papercut map, held up at the kitchen window

I really enjoyed making my the papercuts for my recent Christmas cards. So much so that I was itching to get hold of my scalpel again. I wanted to really challenge myself this time and I did. I spent a week or so earlier this year, creating a map for a brochure for our local tourist organisation. I love maps, all of those crinkles and so thought it would be fun to combine paper cutting and maps.

It took me a long time to produce this artwork, a few hours a day for a month or so. I’m going to have my artwork scanned and make some posters. I’ve asked my friends on my I Love Mayo Facebook page what colour my prints should be. That reminds me, please ‘like’ my I Love Mayo Facebook page!