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May 24th, 2011 No comments


You can tell it’s springtime. Luckily no one got hurt although these fights are very vicious. We have 4 cockerels the moment so fights are inevitable. Soon we’ll know who’ll be in charge this year and then things will calm down in the hen house.


Surf’s up

May 23rd, 2011 No comments

boiling sea

Not a bad day today but the sea is boiling!


Action on Clew Bay

May 20th, 2011 No comments

Helicopter excercise

Such a stormy night. We were sitting eating our evening meal when we noticed the lifeboat out in the bay. We assumed a rescue was going on. Then the helicopter arrived. Always a bad sign. We were relieved after an hour or so that it was clear that someone was being winched from the lifeboat to the helicopter. Obviously they needed urgent hospital treatment but at least they were no longer in the water. The weather was so wild and it was obvious that the helicopter was struggling.

The helicopter left but the Lifeboat remained. later Trudi started to bark like crazy and when we looked out again, there were about 20 ’emergency service’ type people climbing up the rocks, over our wall and across our field to our car park. A scary sight. We ran out and were amazed to discover 4 wheel drive vehicles, the coastguard and an ambulance parked up in our car park at the side of the house.

We had to ask what was going on. Turns out it was an exercise. They carried on running around outside the house and along the shore for some time afterwards. Amazed at the work these incredibly brave people do. It’s so necessary around here. But really, how difficult would it be to warn us, just a ring on the doorbell would have done it? let alone ask for permission? The man in charge said to Al that they had no idea someone lived here. That, despite the fact they opened our closed gate to get in, our car is parked outside and there were lights on in the house. I hate to complain and would never refuse them access but it politeness and respect cost nothing or am I just getting old? No don’t answer that 🙂


New poster

May 19th, 2011 No comments
Framed pic

My Ireland Map in it's new frame

I asked my Facebook friends what colour my Ireland paper-cut map should be. Everyone seems to love this duck-egg blue-ish colour. It seems to visit in with many people’s colour schemes today. The printed poster is large, 50 x 70 cm and fits into a ready made IKEA frame like this one. I’m really pleased with it. The photo is a bit blurred but there’s load of lovely detail and, unlike many maps you see these days, even though it’s a paper-cut it’s more geographically correct than most and has all county borders on it if you look closely.


House progress

May 2nd, 2011 No comments
House progress

Shutters back up and windows out for painting. Al painting ceiling.

Al now has been working full time for the best part of a year. For the first time since we had the roof done and new windows put in, we are able to have a little work done around the place. When our beautiful new sash windows were installed in 2007, we had to remove the wooden shutters inside and couldn’t afford to re-plaster. That meant that although the windows stopped leaks and draughts, the area around the windows was leaking… drip, drip, drip every time it rained. As you know, we get a LOT of rain here 🙂 The front of the house is facing the prevailing wind from the Southwest, across Clew Bay and so the windows in our sitting room take a hammering. The windows have sandstone reveals outside and they are very porous.

Over the last few months we’ve been able to get some damp proofing and plastering done in our sitting room, had the window sills replaced and have had the shutters put back. We’re doing the sanding and repainting ourselves and luckily, the weather has been so nice we’ve been able to take the sashes out during the day, so that we can do a proper job of painting them. I’m freshening up the paintwork everywhere in the room, seeing as we can get rid of all of the water stains now.

Elsewhere, we’ve had some of our shower trays reset and tiles re laid. All 6 en suite showers in this house were leaking onto the ceilings below. We can’t do them all but it’s good to get some useable again. It means we can paint some ceilings now 🙂

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