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Magic Monday!

October 12th, 2009 No comments

We’ve uploaded a new version of the site today. List items (except main Lifelist) can now be numbered. Text can be made bold, italicised and turned into a link.
We’ve done lots of testing of the new features but if you have any difficulty or any questions or if there is anything else you would like to see, then please let us know.


Just a quickie

October 2nd, 2009 2 comments

View from the front of our house

I do still have things to say about RTÉ.ie and alcohol advertising. I just don’t know where to start! I was happy to get a response but I’m left feeling quite deflated and annoyed by it. Will have a go soon.

Meanwhile, we’re trying to get the house as watertight as possible for the winter. The days are really starting to shorten now. The chickens are doing well. Of this year’s chicks, it’s clear now that Bruno is definitely a boy and that Janet probably is also. Hopefully Latoya and Tito are girls. It’s early days for Tito still.

We have huge changes to the site coming soon. List item numbering will be ‘rolled out’ (as Al would say) across the site soon. Numbering will mean that items can be inserted into a particular place in a list. You’ll also be able to make list items (or just selected text), bold or italic or ‘tada’…. a link!

The picture above was taken on one of our last summery days (Note: Trudi’s head).


What’s Al up to?

September 10th, 2009 No comments

I’m keeping him busy as usual; he’s perfecting our new numbering feature. It’s not as simple as it sounds. There’s no point in numbering list items unless the numbers can be changed and new items inserted into the middle of a list – that’s the tricky part. We’re almost there (or should I say, HE’S almost there!) Al’s done all of the hard work and I’m testing the new feature on Trivialists. Expect numbering to be rolled-out across the site soon.


Trivialists & Piclist update

September 1st, 2009 No comments

Just uploaded the latest updates to There are an awful lot of minor detail changes to improve the general operation of the site, but the headline features are the new Trivialists and a change to the way Piclists are created and updated.

Trivialists are, erm, well, lists of trivia. They are fixed lists, designed to provide interesting and/or useful information. We hope that in time they will build up to be a truly massive collection of facts presented in an easily digestible form. Do let us know what you’d like to see included as a Trivialist.

When you upload pictures to a Piclist you now get some visual feedback on the progress of the upload. You can even see exactly how much is being uploaded, how quickly and how much longer it should take. More to the point, at least you now know something is happening and any errors should be reported more clearly.

As always, let us know if you have any comments or suggestions.


What Sweeney’s have done wrong

February 27th, 2009 4 comments
Jan: Cate Blanchett, Feb: Cheryl Cole, March: Lily Donaldson & The Catwalk Report.
They’ve been defacing my copies of Vogue!  From Left to Right:  Jan: Cate Blanchett, Feb: Cheryl Cole, March: Lily Donaldson & The Catwalk Report.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I have a kind of love/hate relationship with Sweeney’s Supervalu at Achill Sound. That’s because although it’s a 16 mile round-trip to shop there, they are our nearest shop and so they have more of an influence on my life than any shop should.

If you’ve ever looked at my Main Lifelist you might know that I’ve been buying British Vogue since I was 17. It’s the only magazine I’ve ever bought regularly and it’s definitely the only one I keep. I could never throw one away. I’m not worried about keeping them in pristine condition, I like to pick them up (they’re all quite well thumbed), smell them and touch them.

It’s not the perfume samples I like the smell of. It’s the ink on paper, the varnish and the glue. (I think it was the scent of toluene in the varnish that I used to find so appealing. I don’t think they use that anymore). When I worked in magazine production, I became obsessed with the print quality of Vogue and even visited the press where the cover was printed. Yes, I was a printing press groupie. I’ve visited lots and lots of presses not just in the UK but all over Europe.

Anyway, as I say, I’m not precious about my copies once I’ve bought them (I’m considering trying to make some furniture out of some stacks of old ones) but I do think that Sweeney’s should show some respect for the products they sell.  I should be able to buy a pristine copy. If they don’t value them, why should I? I’m paying the full price after all (especially considering the huge Euro mark-up).

There is no need to write the price in Euros on the front cover in BIRO!!!. With a cover as beautifully glossy as Vogue it’s difficult to make a mark with a biro and so whoever does it has to press really hard. Whatever beautiful creature is lucky enough to make the cover ends up with a really ugly tatoo. What a thing to do. It really upsets me that they treat my favourite magazine in this way. Not just that (and I’m sure they don’t see it this way) but they are selling damaged merchandise. I buy it of course but that feeling of saving my beautiful new copy to sit down and enjoy with a huge cuppa and some chocolate has been ruined.

Share site update

February 26th, 2009 1 comment

Last night we updated with a good number of small changes to the user interface – the look & feel – and a large amount of ‘re-plumbing under the hood’. From the visitor’s perspective the changes are not massive but, even so, added together I hope you will agree they make the whole site feel more neat & tidy.

The current economic difficulties around the world may lower the spirits a bit, so there’s no better time to create Lifelists® and think about the good things in life!

As ever, if you have any problems with please let us know.


New page themes

February 11th, 2009 No comments

I’m creating a few new page themes to add to those we already have. I’m working on a nice springtime one and a party related one.  The party one is to go with a new addition coming soon to our Quicklists menu. Any suggestions for other page themes are most welcome. Maybe you’d like me to create a page theme especially for your lists? Let me know and I’ll have a go.


Lifelisting our way through reccession

October 1st, 2008 No comments

In these days of financial doom and gloom it seems to me that Lifelisting will be a perfect way to pass the time. It costs nothing, helps us prioritise and gets us thinking about the positive stuff. Of course, I would say that wouldn’t I?


New Lifelists

September 26th, 2008 No comments

We’ve had a bit of a re-design and added some new functionality to the site. We hope you approve. Any comments you have will be very welcome. We’ve been testing the new features for some time but if you have any problems please let us know.
We’ve added page themes. To choose how your lists are displayed when you and others view them by choosing to edit a list, selecting a page theme for that list and then saving your changes.
Any suggestions for page themes you would like to use?


Lifelists on YouTube

September 8th, 2008 No comments

I’ve put some more little films of life here on our YouTube channel . Parts 21-23.