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New stuff

April 7th, 2009 3 comments

Al has been programming away as fast as his little fingers can type. Some of the additions that I’ve been whining about for some time are ready to go. We’ve uploaded a new version of our site that includes some new features.

Sometimes when looking at a list I want to comment on a list item but I can’t say Me2! because I haven’t done the thing myself – maybe I just like what the Lifelister to say or I admire their achievement. I’ve often wanted to to congratulate someone when they achieve something on a Todolist or a Bucketlist. Now we can honour list items by awarding Medals. You can give a Medal in the same way you give a Me2!

Some users create really inspirational lists. Now we can award a whole list a Gold Star if we like it. When looking at a list, you will notice the option to award a Gold Star over to the right of a list title, near where you can choose to ‘Favourite’ a list.

You’ll notice there’s lots of new functionality on your home page too. You can now delete Me2!s, Medals, or Gold Stars that you have given. And you now have a record of the awards you have given.

Enjoy the new features and please do let us know if you notice any problems.


Find out who’s giving you Me2s

January 29th, 2008 No comments

Al’s been very busy adding some new functions that have been on our wishlist for a while. Now, when you hold your mouse over a Me2 you’ll find out who gave it to you. Clicking on that Me2 will still take you to the users profile.


Me2!s launched

January 14th, 2007 No comments

We’ve launched Me2!’s on the site. I’m really pleased with it, Al has done a great job of programming the whole thing. Now, when we’re reading someone’s lists, if we want to say “yes, I agree..” then we can by adding a Me2!


6 for a new world

January 12th, 2007 No comments

I’ve just created a new list with the title “6 for a new world” that I think is a fascinating concept, though I’m not claiming any credit for the idea (I heard about it on one of Ricky Gervais’ podcasts). The idea is this: we have devastated our planet and need to go to a new one. A suitable planet has been found, identical to ours except it’s not populated, polluted or otherwise ruined. A spaceship has been built to travel to the new world but it can only take six people in addition to the “populator-bots” that will take care of reproducing the human race. Your mission: to decide who to put on the spaceship! My six will probably be chosen in a very methodical, quasi-scientific manner (it’s a work in progress!) but who would you choose? Bizarrely, they can be persons either living or dead (ain’t technology wonderful!) and you might want to indicate your reasons. It could be a lot of fun. I wonder how many of you will have a go? PS. me2! is almost ready!



January 5th, 2007 No comments

We’ve been online for a couple of days now and we have a few new users. It’s great to read other people’s Lifelists and to find out that although we may think that we have nothing in common with a person, we almost certainly do. There always seems to be something that I agree with and I want to be able to tell people that. The more I look at lists, the more overwhelming is the urge to make contact of some kind with people. Al is working on it now. We’ll start with the Me2! idea and then add an email function. Users will be able to opt in to receive emails. Hope fully in a week or two we’ll be adding these.



December 20th, 2006 No comments

I love reading other people’s Lifelists even when they belong to someone I don’t know. It’s amazing how much we can have in common with people who we may think we have nothing in common with at first glance. ‘flyssann’ registered with the site today and reading his/her list I notice that ‘The Space Between’ by the Dave Matthews Band is listed as a favourite song. I love that track and although it’s on my i-pod I’d forgotten to list it in my ‘more songs’ list so thanks flyssann for the reminder. When I saw ‘The Space Between’ listed, I felt an overwhelming urge to contact flyssann and say , “yes, me too, I love that song” I’ve been thinking about this for the last few months – we need to find a way to say to each other “yes, I like that too”. I was thinking that we should set up a system where we can send a ‘Metoo” or “Me2” to each other. I’m not exactly sure what form it will take, but we’re working on it and hope to add it to the site soon. I notice that flyssann also lists ‘Black Lab’ as a favourite band, I’ve never heard of Black Lab, but if flysann likes Dave Matthews as I do, maybe I should check out Black Lab, infact I’m off to do that now.