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The roof, part 8

March 12th, 2008 No comments

Well it couldn’t last I suppose. We’ve been so grateful that our new roof has been doing it’s job. Although water has been coming in around our new windows where we haven’t got around to replastering, it’s been much dryer in the house this winter and the growth of black mold on the bedroom ceilings has slowed down. We need to replace the ceilings but can’t afford to do that at the moment.
Last night there was a huge storm. HUGE. The gusts were hurricane force apparently. The dog was absolutely terrified (actually, so was I). Over the last few weeks there have been a few stormy days and nights. A chimney cowl flew off a couple of weeks ago and the metal boiler room chimney came down. Poor Al is not the best with heights but managed to scale the building and put the boiler chimney back. It came down again last night. So did some guttering. The worst thing is that the roof is now damaged. Slates have come down and more are damaged. Everything that was outside has moved (except the car). Even some railway sleepers that we use as a bench are not where we left them!
Time to call the Roof Doctor again.


The Roof, part 7

June 14th, 2007 No comments

It’s finished. The Roof Doctor and his crew have done their stuff, the roof is done. It’s raining now and so far not a drip- what luxury! They also removed the pebbledash from the front of the house and re-applied a smooth plaster. Hopefully that will stop the water soaking through our stone walls. Shame we couldn’t afford to do the whole house but this will make a big difference. I’d happily recommend the Roof Doctor (Jim) he did exactly what he said he was going to do, very quickly and for the price he originally quoted. How rare is that?


The Roof, part 6

May 24th, 2007 No comments

Work has been proceeding very quickly on the roof so far. I’ve created a piclist of the progress. Today however it’s very wet and windy and nothing is happening. For the most part, although we have no tiles, the felt is in position so we’re mostly waterproof. We’ve got quite a lot of rubble in the corridor upstairs and a few holes in the bedroom ceilings. Following the day the tiles were removed from the front of the house, it felt like we were sleeping under the stars except that instead of stars it was 100kph wind, heavy showers and the odd roll of thunder! Still we’re not complaining. It’s great that this winter, the weather will mainly stay outside. Well that’s if we can get the plaster on the front of the house fixed, along with the leaky windows. There will always be something I suppose.


The Roof, part 5

May 16th, 2007 No comments

The Roof Doctor managed to come up with a much more reasonable price and is able to start work straight away. Last night scaffolding was delivered and today a gang of men are erecting it at the front of our house. It’s very exciting; after years of a leaky roof, something is being done about it.


The Roof, part 4

May 9th, 2007 No comments

Well it seems that the sale of our license may not provide enough money to make our house waterproof after all. Everything costs so much more than we had expected and the shock of the pricing has caused a delay whilst we try and figure out what to do. We may be able to fix parts of the roof but won’t be able to re-render the outside of the house where water is coming through the stone and it’s doubtful now that we’ll be able to afford the new windows we badly need. Still, the roof is the most important aspect, definitely our no.1 priority. If we can stop the raindrops from falling on our heads, that will be a big help. We found an ad in our local paper for ‘The Roof Doctor’. He’s coming to quote on the roof tomorrow. As he is a roof specialist and has his own scaffolding his price may be cheaper. Our local builder doesn’t own scaffolding and hiring it adds at least 10K to the cost of the job. We’d much prefer to pay a local workforce but if we are forced to, we’ll go elsewhere.

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The Roof, part 3

April 20th, 2007 No comments

We’ve had what feels like weeks and weeks of beautiful warm sunny weather recently but it’s started raining again today. A reminder that our roof is full of holes. Now that we’ve sold our bar license, we can do something about it at last. In about 3 weeks, work will start (weather permitting). The upheaval will be huge but hopefully it will be worth it in the end.

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The roof, part 2

March 5th, 2007 No comments

Yesterday the wind was blowing at 130kmph. It took both of us to open our front door to let the dog out and the poor medium sized dog had trouble keeping her feet on the ground while she did her business. Then it took the weight (not insignificant!) of the two of us to push the door closed. That was yesterday, today it’s much the same except that it’s raining as well. The sound of the wind is bad enough but now it’s joined by the steady plinks and plonks of water hitting the various containers around the place. The front hall is like a lake, rain is coming through our old bedroom ceiling, through the floor boards and wetting the ceiling of our sitting room below. Our staircase squelches, one of the many pint glasses on our office window sill has been emptied four times already today and here Al and I sit wearing as many clothes as we can listening to the wind and the drips and trying very hard not to let it get us down. I’m very worried that the ceiling above the stairs is about to collapse it’s now so cracked and wet but Al tells me that as long as the water is escaping, the weight won’t build up and we’ll be OK. We have now decided that we have to close our little bar. It’s been on the cards for a while and as I may have mentioned before, our licence has a value at the moment and this may not always be the case. We’ve found a buyer- our licence will be transfered to a newly built hotel in Limerick (as sign of the times) and we will have the money to fix our roof as soon as the weather allows. So… there will be an end to this. That thought will keep us going.


The roof

November 16th, 2006 No comments

We’ve had weeks and weeks of wind and rain. The last few nights have been very stormy and as a result we have bowls and pots and pans all the way up our staircase and along the corridor. The sound of all of the drips landing in the various containers is amazing. So much water has come through the roof that our bedroom ceiling is soaked and now it’s black with mold / mildew- well I don’t know what it is, but stuff is growing. We’ve had to move into our guestroom which is the only dry(ish) room on the 1st floor. I just hope that we can make it through the winter intact and find a way of getting the money together for our new roof in the spring. It’s all very upsetting; my books are starting to go mouldy! When we moved here it was because we wanted to opt out of the ‘rat race’. We always said; we don’t want lots of money; just a roof over our heads but wow, when that roof starts to leak, everything changes.