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About this site is the result of a brainwave Jane had back in 2005, shortly after the death of a friend who we didn't know as well as we should have. We spent time talking about our memories of our friend, what sort of person he was, what his influences had been and the way he had influenced us. We studied his obituary and we realised that we didn't really know as much about him as we had thought. We didn't really know what made him tick, what were his hopes and dreams for the future, what achievements was he most proud of.

Jane has always had a list in her mind of all of the things she liked and more recently she had started writing it down in her diary. All of the places, people, sights and sounds, brands and experiences that mean a lot to her.

Seeing all of these things written down together made her realise how much they say about her; they are a big part of her identity. We thought, "wouldn't it be good if there was a simple way we could record these things" not only so that our family and friends could learn more about us but also so that we could see our own lives in perspective. It occurred to us that just looking at our list of 'things that make life worthwhile' in times of stress would be good for us.

And what about the other lists in our lives? We all spend a lot of time making lists; wouldn't it be great if there was one place we could keep all of the lists in our lives and discuss them, exchange them and act upon them in that one place?

So that, in a nutshell, is how the Lifelist was born. A Lifelist is a list of the things, people, places and experiences that are really important to us.

Once you have registered you can create your 'main' Lifelist, which consists of your answers to a series of fixed questions such as 'What is your favourite type of music?' or 'Describe your perfect day'. You don't have to answer all of the questions and you can edit your list as often as you like.

When you've created your 'main' Lifelist you can create as many other Lifelists as you like, on any subject you like! So, while your 'main' Lifelist might include, say, your top 5 favourite bands, you could have another Lifelist showing all of your favourite bands – all 200 (or whatever) of them! Each entry can be rated to show your order of preference.

But that's not all! A picture is worth a thousand words, so of course you can have Piclists: lists made up of pictures. These can be organised into categories as with Lifelists and you can have Piclists of holiday snaps, special occasions, your family, sporting events or just about anything else!

Something really useful is Todolists, a kind of Lifelist where you can set a target date for each item and then tick them off when they're done – a great way to motivate yourself.

Your Bucketlist is a bit like a Todolist without the dates associated with each entry, but you can still tick things off. Why? Well, (whisper it) it's a list of all the things you'd like to do before you shuffle off this mortal coil. Yes, we know it might be a bit of a downer and in a way it goes against the ethos of – thinking about and celebrating the good things in life – but maybe it is something we should think about to ensure we make the most of life.

The Legacylist is a private list of your wishes or instructions that can only be accessed by those you have chosen in the event of your death. It is not a will, but a way for you to pass on words of wisdom about life to those who you leave behind.

You can make friends with other users. Each of your Lifelists (apart from your main Lifelist) can be labelled as public, private or 'for your friends only'.

As you browse through the site you can mark Lifelists as "favourites" so that you can review them quickly and you can choose to 'watch' your favourites so that you get a notification on your 'my home' page whenever they change.

If you agree with an item on someone else's list you can give it a "me2!" – the lists and users with the most "me2!s" are displayed on the home page. You can email your lists to other people – or yourself if you prefer!

You can send messages to other users, perhaps to say you really like one of their lists. Any messages you receive are accessed through the "my messages" tab. Of course, if you don't want to receive messages you can turn it off completely. Either way, your details are never given out to anyone.

To give you some privacy, when you register (or at any time thereafter) you can enter a "nickname" so that others will not see your real name. On the same subject, you can rest assured that no other user of the site can get to see your personal information. We care about privacy!

We are constantly developing the site and adding lots of new features so watch out for new stuff when you visit.

If you are not sure what to do next, take a look at How to use this site. You can find out more about this site and about us by following the links on the left. Finally, thanks for stopping by and we hope you like our idea! If you have any comments just get in touch through our contact form and we promise to write back.