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About us

A picture of us
This is us

Hi, we're Jane and Al.
(Al is short for Alistair but you can call him Al).

This picture of us was taken by our friend Sonia in May 1998, just a few minutes after we were married.

We're quite shy so there won't be a lot of pictures of us on this site.

Where we live
This is where we live

In the year 2000 we escaped the 'rat race' by moving from London to a very remote corner of Ireland's west coast.

In 2003 we bought our dream house (complete with leaky roof) which also happens to be our local pub. is based upon an idea I've had in my mind for a few years. It wouldn't exist without Al's support and technical expertise.

To find out more, you can;

Read our story.
Read our 'Blog from the Bog'.
Read about the lovely people who've helped us.
Find out more about Lifelists.
Find out our philosophy.
Click here to contact us.