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1969: A year in the life
A list of things that happened in 1969.
Source: The Observer Music Monthly Magazine (May 2009 edition)

Category: Trivialists / History
Last updated: 09/09/09
January 12: Led Zeppelin release their self-titled debut LP.
January 20: Richard Nixon is sworn in as president of the United States.
January 30: The Beatles play their last-ever gig, on top of the Apple building.
February 3: Yasser Arafat becomes leader of the PLO.
March 25: John Lennon and Yoko Ono stage a bed-in at Amsterdam's Hilton hotel.
May 2: The QE2 makes its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York.
May 23: The Who release their "rock opera" Tommy
June 2: The Italian Job is released in UK cinemas.
July 3: Brian Jones is found dead. Two days later, the Rolling Stones play a free concert in Hyde Park. The Hells Angels provide security.
July 8: The US begins withdrawal of its troops from South Vietnam.
July 20: Neil Armstrong becomes the first man to walk on the Moon.
August 9: Charles Manson and his followers commit the Tate-LaBianca murders in Los Angeles.
August 15: The Woodstock festival gets under way on Max Yasgur's farm.
August 30: Bob Dylan makes his live comeback at the Isle of Wight festival.
September 20: Sugar Sugar, by cartoon band the Archies, reaches No 1 in the US.
October 14: The heptagonal 50p coin replaces the 10 shilling note.
November 1: Elvis Presley returns to the top of the US charts with Suspicious Minds.
November 10: Sesame Street premieres on US television.
December 6: The Rolling Stones put on a free concert at the Altamont Speedway in California.