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Things that don't add upGold Star from AlGold Star from LazarusGold Star from Andie
Taken from the The New Scientist: 13 things that don't make sense:
Strive as we might to make sense of the world, there are mysteries that still confound us. Here are thirteen of the most perplexing. Cracking any one of them could yield profound truths.
Source: The New Scientist
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Category: Trivialists / Science
Last updated: 02/09/09
1. Axis of evil: Radiation left from the big bang is still glowing in the sky – in a mysterious and controversial pattern.
2. Dark flow: Something unseeable and far bigger than anything in the known universe is hauling a group of galaxies towards it at inexplicable speed.
3. Eocene hothouse: Tens of millions of years ago, the average temperature at the poles was 15 or 20 °C. Now let's talk about climate change.
4. Fly-by anomalies: Space probes using Earth's gravity to get a slingshot speed boost are moving faster than they should. Call in dark matter.
5. Hybrid life: The fusion of two distinct evolutionary lines is not supposed to work – but the seas are teeming with chimeras that prove it can.
6. Morgellons disease: Fatigue? Do you feel insects under your skin? Seen any strange fibres sprouting from your body? Then you've got a disease that's not supposed to exist.
7. The Bloop: During 1997, US undersea monitoring equipment heard a series of sounds far louder than any whale song. They were never heard again.
8. Antimatter mystery: The big bang should have created matter and antimatter in equal amounts – so why didn't the universe disappear in a puff of self-annihilation?
9. The lithium problem: The universe only contains a third as much lithium as it's supposed to.
10. MAGIC results: High-energy radiation from a gamma-ray burst reached Earth 4 minutes later than the lower-energy rays. That's not how Einstein said it would be.
11. The elusive monopole: Why do magnetic poles always come paired as north and south, never alone?
12. Noise from the edge of the universe: Are dud signals from a gravitational wave detector evidence that the universe is a holographic projection?
13. The nocebo effect : How a diagnosis of terminal illness can come true – even if it's wrong.