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Scary Films by Andie  
I'm such a scaredy cat
Category: Films
Last updated: 26/04/07
This Lifelist is public.
Jaws me2! from Ree
IT-still can't watch this on my own me2! from Ree
Wolf Creek me2! from Pixieme2! from Ree
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)- my first scary film me2! from Lazarusme2! from Ree
Saw II me2! from Ree
Rosemary's Baby me2! from flyssannme2! from Ree
The Entity me2! from Ree
The Blair Witch Project
The Ring
The Shining me2! from Ree
Hostel - This actually made me throw up *Blurgh* me2! from Mummytumbles medal from Ree
Children of the Corn
Dumbo -the Pink Elephant Bit
A Nightmare on Elm Street me2! from Ree
Pet Semetary me2! from Ree
Amityville Horror me2! from Ree
The Descent - the acting was poor but it stil had me hiding me2! from Pixieme2! from Mummytumbles
Scream me2! from Ree