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Things to do while i'm 32Gold Star from Jane by Andie  

Category: Todolists
Last updated: 01/02/09
This Lifelist is public.
List items:
doneRecycle me2! from Al
Climb a mountain me2! from Honeychild
Run 5km me2! from eclectic
Lose 2 stone me2! from Alme2! from Janeme2! from eclectic
doneDrop £1000 debt me2! from eclectic medal from Jane
doneLearn to bellydance
doneStart a compost heap me2! from Honeychild
Take a day trip once a month (10/12)
doneMake home made chocolates medal from Jane
Go fruit picking
doneMake home made lemonade~it was scrummy
Paint a portrait
Compose five poems
doneSend a message in a bottle me2! from The new Mrs. Quinn medal from Jane