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Random childhood memories by Andie  
Collection of memories from my '101 for 2009 list': Goal 87 ~ Make a list of 100 things about my childhood
Category: Collections
Last updated: 01/04/09
This Lifelist is public.
1) Harry's shop: Harry, Anne and penny sweets and Choc Lick galore! Now I have a craving for a quarter of Jazzies. It used to have a lovely Awning outside and huge windows but now they are bricked's like shopping in a cave. 3 stars!3 stars!3 stars!
2) Grannie: from her soup to her lip-smacking, toothless kisses she was just gorgeous. Miss you Gran x 5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!
3) Ireland: Squelching up the hill to Grannie's house covered in mud or, if we were really unlucky, manure. I don't know how we managed it but we would get wet at least once a day. It was great fun. 5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!
4) Minnie the cow. 3 stars!3 stars!3 stars!
5)Watching Herbie at the cinema. I have another memory of the Canon cinema but i'll add that in a bit. 3 stars!3 stars!3 stars!
6)My friend Jackie lived next door to our school in a Gate-house. As if that wasn't exciting enough she had loads of animals in her back garden including a miniature pony!! How I envied her. She had Owls, Kestrels, Hens, Ducks and some snakes. 3 stars!3 stars!3 stars!
7) Wanting to be an angel in the Christmas play. In our school however you could only be an angel if you had fair hair. Evil buggers. I was one of King Herod's belly dancers. Mortified! 2 stars!2 stars!
8) My first crushes were on Indiana Jones and Philip Schofield. Imagine my excitement when Philip Schofield dressed up as Indy to present the Smash Hits Poll winners party one year. The Indy crush is still going strong! I had good taste for a kid. 5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!
9) Babysitting: I used to babysit for a few kids. Holly and Sarah were angels. The twins were a delight. Claire used to blag me into letting her watch Bottom on telly. Laura, Sarah and Nikki were demon children!! Ha ha. We used to have a laugh though. 5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!
10) When the Pope saved us: There was a gas blow out that completely burnt out the entire living room. The walls were completely black and the furniture ruined but the picture of Pope John Paul II was untouched. An act of God or a well made clock?! 3 stars!3 stars!3 stars!
11) Magazines: Smash Hits, Just 17, Look-in, Mizz, Number one (think that's what it was called), Jackie. I had a magazine addiction I think. 3 stars!3 stars!3 stars! me2! from Jane
12) Mrs Wilde next door and her treacle toffee. Mmmmmmmm 4 stars!4 stars!4 stars!4 stars!
13)Uncle Michael and his lovely wife Mary Winnie. I used to love visiting. One time I smuggled some kittens under my jumper in a bid to take them home to England. I nearly made it back to Grannie's house in the car but my brother told on me. Big trouble 5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!
14) Driving the cows. 5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!5 stars! me2! from Jane
15) Fiddlers' house: Telling the younger kids a ghost story about the devil's head rising out of the fireplace. Years later my brother confessed that he still had nightmares about it. Oops. 3 stars!3 stars!3 stars!
16) Ok 'The Hulk' was a broken green car that was left to shelter in when the weather was bad. we used to play 'Hulk' around it. One person would be 'Hulk' and everyone else would be the army. 5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!
...16 No one ever really wanted to be 'Hulk' because while you got to jump on the car and generally be the centre of attention, everyone else would be throwing rocks at you. So it was fun for about thirty seconds until that first rock hit! 5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!
17) My Pet cockerel. Another Ireland one. I had a pet cockerel at my Gran's. I have two memories concerning it. The first is chanting at a priest 'Father, father I've got a cock' to my mum's embarrassment. The second is below: 3 stars!3 stars!3 stars!
..17 Arriving to a feast at Grannie's and eating a chicken sandwich. Now I love chicken but for some reason I just couldn't stomach this. My mum asked my Gran where the chicken was from and my Gran said 'Well remember that old cockerel?' Grim! 2 stars!2 stars!
18)Dancing: I loved disco dancing and Rock'n'Roll. I wasn't very good at the other types though. I was disqualified from the finals of 'Disco Kid 1986' because my number had fallen off my costume. Aww what could have been. 4 stars!4 stars!4 stars!4 stars!
19) Watching Jaws for the first time at Uncle Pat's house in Dublin and then being terrified on the ferry back to England an hour later! 4 stars!4 stars!4 stars!4 stars!
20) Friday nights: Giant cans of coke, Bottles of Orangina, Mint Bitz bars and Magnum PI. 5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!
21) Pol, the doll and the wig. Laughing hysterically for hours. 5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!
22) The Hitman & Her Oooh I used to love this show. It was part of ITV:Nighttime along with America's Top ten and The James Whale Show. The theme tune still gives me goosebumps. Aww and I just love Pete Waterman. 4 stars!4 stars!4 stars!4 stars!
23) While my older brother was babysitting us my younger brother decided to paint the kitchen door.....Pillar box red. My mum wasn't too pleased. 3 stars!3 stars!3 stars!
24) Trictor the Vauxhall Victor. Back in the days when cars had character. He belonged to my Aunty Breege and Uncle Sean. He was a bit hazardous towards the could see the road through the floor eek. I wonder if he is still in one piece? Saying t 3 stars!3 stars!3 stars!
25) Jackie French's birthday party at the Beefeater (now the King's). There was a huge water-wheel, although I was only small at the time so maybe it wasn't actually that big. Oh and huuuuuge Knickerbocker Glories. I used to think it was really posh in th 3 stars!3 stars!3 stars!
26) Toy and Hobby The best toy shop ever! I've searched for the logo but can't find it :( 3 stars!3 stars!3 stars!
27)Blitz on the Vic-20. I'm not a big gamer. I get really frustrated with my lack of ability. I think that's the reason why I hold 'Blitz' in such high's the only game I could ever do! Ha ha. 5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!
28) Jellyfish Wars Hmmm the reason why I fear Jellyfish so much. I once got caught in the middle of a Jellyfish fight...that's boys throwing Jellyfish at one another, not Jellyfish actually fighting. It was down on Keem beach and the boys were my brothers 3 stars!3 stars!3 stars!
29) Terrahawks My mean brothers used to call me Zelda because obviously we looked so alike. She was actually quite scary! I loved this show though. I used to love the little zeroids and the game of noughts and crosses at the end! 4 stars!4 stars!4 stars!4 stars!
30) Dancing on the hay The easiest way to squash the hay down in the stable was to get a group of kids to bounce around on it (The more compact the hay was, the more you could fit in). We were more than happy too. Great fun. 5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!
31) Sindy! She has such a lovely face. Barbie looked middle aged compared to her. I was a big Sindy fan but this is the only one that survived. I think my first was Ballerina Sindy. I also had her Dapple Grey horse. I wonder what happened to him? 5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!
32) I made a Norman Soldier in Needle craft in Junior school. (see piclist) I was in Mrs Beanik's class so I think I was about eight. I remember it took weeks and weeks of hard work. I think I used to do about three stitches a session! 4 stars!4 stars!4 stars!4 stars!
33) My Aunty Bridgie made this keepsake for me to carry on the day of My First Holy Communion. It has the date on there June 16th 1984. I loved my Aunty Bridge. She was such a character. I still miss her now. (see piclist) 5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!
34) My project on dancing. Hilarious! My artistic ability seems to have peaked here. (see piclist) 5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!
35) My friend Claire lived over the road. We used to play 'Kerby' in the street. Where you would throw a football at the kerb and if it hit it and bounced back you scored a point. We also used to flash torches in a sort of Morse code...(see piclist) 5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!