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Jane's Ultimate Party by Jane  
Under construction! Cheer yourself up by imagining your best ever party... The assumption is that you've become quite wealthy and will be holding a party that will last in the memory of all those who attend for many years. So, you need a venue, a guest list (natch), then you work out what type of food/music/entertainment themes there would be. This might include bands, top chefs, DJs, casinos, jam rooms, film, comedians, competitions, celebrity/interesting guests. No dead people or sheer flights of fancy though, it's got to be 'doable'. Anybody who suggests that all they need around them are a few of their best friends will be marched outside and shot. Enjoy! (concept by Yan Cowles)
Category: Unforgettable moments
Last updated: 09/04/09
This Lifelist is public.
Guests: This party will be about friends. There will be family as well but mainly friends inc. online friends. This party will be an opportunity to thank everyone that's crossed paths with us (in a good way). Children & animals will be welcome.
To get started:
Other entertainment:
Lots of Chinese lanterns and flaming torches with no fire risk
Must be a cloudless starry night with a full moon 5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!5 stars!
More Food:
Special guests:
Live bands:
A big bonfire to sit around in the early hours
Bacon sandwiches or toasted cheese sandwiches for all at dawn.
A huge Yurt type tent thing with lots of mattresses and cushions and Eastern delights.