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101 for 2009Gold Star from JaneGold Star from AlGold Star from jellybaby by Andie  
List of things to do this year (53/101) **Amendment: I am carrying this list over (with a few changes). Please take a look at my ~101 in 1001 Days~ list
Category: Todolists
Last updated: 10/01/10
This Lifelist is public.
List items:
done1 ~ Buy a calendar and diary
done2 ~ Declutter bedroom me2! from Lazarusme2! from eclecticme2! from Akyna
3 ~ Read all the books i've bought but not got around to reading yet me2! from Janeme2! from Lazarusme2! from eclectic
done4 ~ Go for a health check up me2! from jellybabyme2! from eclectic
5 ~ 365 : a photo a day project me2! from Akyna
done6 ~ Visit the cinema once a month
7 ~ Learn to rollerskate
8 ~ Compose a poem a month
done9 ~ Learn how to write my name in Japanese
10 ~ Send someone an anonymous rose me2! from eclecticme2! from Akyna
done11 ~ Build a sandcastle
12 ~ Row a boat
done13 ~ Go fruit picking
14 ~ Get and learn Photoshop me2! from Akyna
15 ~ Make 'my mix' cd
16 ~ Learn to whistle through my fingers
done17 ~ Read a Marvel comic book medal from Jane
done18 ~ Get photo taken with santa
19 ~ Paint a portrait
done20 ~ Find my favourite poem me2! from Akyna
21 ~ Dance in the rain at night me2! from Loli
22 ~ Start my memoirs
23 ~ Join a book club me2! from Akyna
done24 ~ Run 5km me2! from Akyna
done25 ~ Make snow angels me2! from Jane
26 ~ Make home made ice cream
27 ~ Visit Stone henge me2! from eclectic medal from Loli
done28 ~ Scrapbook
29 ~ Complete Top 100 movies meme (85/100)
done30 ~ Start a dream diary me2! from eclectic
done31 ~ Tidy garden me2! from Janeme2! from Al medal from Jane
done32 ~ Donate clutter to charity shop me2! from Janeme2! from jellybabyme2! from Akyna medal from Jane medal from jellybaby
33 ~ Kiss a cowboy me2! from Eileen
done34 ~ Pogo stick
35 ~ Have a cocktail night me2! from Janeme2! from Lazarusme2! from Akyna
36 ~ Lose two stone me2! from Lazarusme2! from The new Mrs. Quinnme2! from eclecticme2! from Akyname2! from Ree
37 ~ See a lounge singer
done38 ~ Build a bear
39 ~ Design and make a t-shirt me2! from Akyna
done40 ~ Try ten different types of cheese
41 ~ Write a song me2! from Janeme2! from eclectic
done42 ~ Try Yoga
43 ~ Use book crossing me2! from Akyna
done44 ~ Do ten full push-ups medal from Jane
45 ~ Make my own sushi
46 ~ Write letters to five people who have influenced/inspired me me2! from Janeme2! from Akyname2! from Loli
done47 ~ Grow vegetables me2! from Jane
done48 ~ Make an origami animal
49 ~ Make a wishing jar me2! from Akyna
50 ~Make paper dolls
51 ~ Pamper once a month (9/12)
done52 ~ Be creative every day me2! from Janeme2! from eclecticme2! from Akyna
done53 ~ Volunteer for something me2! from Akyna
done54 ~ Read 'To kill a mockingbird' me2! from Al
done55 ~ Visit a butterfly house me2! from eclectic
56 ~ Teach littlen to ride a bike
done57 ~ Watch a ballet me2! from Akyna
done58 ~ Perform in a show me2! from Akyna medal from Jane
done59 ~ Buy something for a stranger from their Amazon wish list medal from Jane
done60 ~ Visit a maze me2! from eclectic
done61 ~ Dress up to watch The Oscars
done62 ~ See a musical (in the theatre) me2! from Akyna
done63 ~ Pick a book completely at random in the library
done64 ~ Make a mud pie with the littlen
done65 ~ Teach the budgies a word medal from Jane
done66 ~ Visit a windmill
67 ~ Ask a famous person for an autograph
68 ~ Have a reading with a psychic
done69 ~ Fly a kite me2! from Akyna
done70 ~ Go through the bat cave at the zoo medal from Jane
71 ~ Collect frog spawn
72 ~ Make perfume from petals
done73 ~ Make a painting using feet only
74 ~ Edit home video footage
75 ~ Visit the Williamson tunnels
76 ~ Have a tea party
77 ~ Make fresh pasta me2! from Janeme2! from Akyna
78 ~ Tie dye a top
done79 ~ Say hello to at least one stranger a day me2! from Janeme2! from Akyna
done80 ~ Make a photo slideshow of 2008
done81 ~ Request a song on the radio
82 ~ Visit a castle me2! from Al
done83 ~ Watch the sun set me2! from Alme2! from Akyna
done84 ~ Win a competition me2! from Jane
done85 ~ See 3 Films at the Cinema in One Day
done86 ~ Get in touch with two people from my past me2! from Janeme2! from Al
87 ~ Make a list of 100 things about my childhood (42/100) me2! from Akyna
done88 ~ Pass on a nugget of knowledge a day medal from Jane
done89 ~ Sign a Petition me2! from Jane
done90 ~ Make a year of wishes jar for a friend
done91 ~ Clear £1000 debt me2! from Eileenme2! from jellybabyme2! from eclectic medal from Jane
92 ~ Identify 100 things that make me happy. me2! from Akyna
93 ~ Get a photo I've taken printed on canvas me2! from Akyna
94 ~ Cook from scratch at least four times a week
95 ~ Scatter some wild flower seeds me2! from Jane
96 ~ Tick at least one thing off my bucket list me2! from Al
97 ~ Enter a creative writing competition me2! from Akyna
done98 ~ Compile list of meaningful quotes me2! from Akyname2! from Loli
99 ~ Leave a note in a library book me2! from Loli medal from Loli
done100~ Stick to an exercise routine for at least a month me2! from Jane
101 ~ Complete my list of things to do before i'm 33! (8/14)